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Annual Gun Raffle 

Drawing in December


The Ticket's are 1 for 20.00 or 3 for 50.00

Below are listing of the Guns in this years Raffle:

  1. Henry Rifle: 45-7-Sean Carpenter

  2. Henry Shotgun: .410g-Annie Balmer

  3. Howa Rifle 1500: .308-Joshua LaRoque

  4. Howa Rifle 1500 : 6.5 Creedmore-Kevin Deford

  5. Browning x Bolt: 7mm-08- Ken Alger

  6. Pointer Acrius Shotgun: 20g-Nick

  7. CZ 612 Shotgun: 12g-Mike Pitonsak

  8. Sigsaver P320 X-Series: 9mm-BJ Baroffio

Tunbridge Fair Raffle Winners


Drawing was September 22, 2022

 Buck Knife

 Game Cameras


  Winchester Gun Safe: Holds 26 Guns

ARCHERY Cross Bow Winner:


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