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  • General Membership Total Due $75.00

  • General + Archery ($35) = $110.00

  • General + Rabbit Pen ($60) = $135.00

  • General + Rabbit Pen & Archery ($95) = $170.00


If you pay by credit card, there will be an additional processing fee.

Checks are still an acceptable method of payment and can be mailed with your membership form to:


PO Box 441

Randolph, VT 05060

2024 membership form and payment were due January 24, 2024.

Membership Online Payment
You Must Fill Out a New Form Each Year!

Credit card processeing fees are included in the totals below:


Select an item ($)

Thanks for your continued support

New 2024 Membership Cards coming soon!

NOTE: Membership confirmations, meeting reminders, newsletters, and other correspondence will be sent via email in an effort to save time and money.


  1. New applications must be endorsed by two current members. Endorsements can be obtained at the membership meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month. 

  2. Membership fees must be submitted with the application

  3. Applications may be subject to unanimous approval by and at the discretion of the membership committee

  4. Yearly renewal of membership shall be required on January 1st. The grace period extends to the February meeting.

  5. Members shall observe all regulations governing the use of the facility and its operation and organization.

  6. Membership is by calendar year, Jan. 1st – Dec. 31st. New memberships submitted between Tunbridge Fair time and Dec. 31 of that year will count for the next full calendar year.

  7. Rabbit Pen membership renewals must be submitted by the January club meeting in order to secure current positions.

  8. Members must read and agree to the rules.






NAME: The name of this organization shall be the Randolph Fish & Game Club, Inc. referred hereafter to as “Club”

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the Club shall be to preserve and promote the following:

  • Good fellowship among our members

  • An attitude of volunteerism for these objectives from the members

  • Our natural resources and wildlife and to do what is necessary and appropriate to improve hunting and fishing in Vermont

  • The historic values of hunting and fishing in Vermont

  • Involving youth in our Club and its objectives by promoting conservation camp attendance and other appropriate activities

  • Hunter safety courses

  • Other hunting and fishing, trapping and shooting programs that promote interest in these sports in a safe and responsible manner and that teach all sportsmen to abide by the hunting and fishing laws of our state and nation

  • Doing whatever is necessary and appropriate to improve hunting and fishing in our State

  • Stay advised on legislative and other political activities that impact on or affect in any way our rights to hunt and fish, trap, shoot, and preserve our 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights.



Any citizen of the United States of America may become a member of the Club by paying the current membership fee.



Any member convicted of violating any of the state or federal fish and game laws or convicted of a crime of moral turpitude shall automatically be terminated from the club and notified in writing by the secretary. No person will be considered for membership who has been convicted or charged with violating said laws. A member may be suspended prior to conviction if it is deemed by a majority of the membership to be in the best interests of the Club.



The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer elected at the annual meeting on voice vote unless by majority vote the membership calls for a secret ballot. The term of office shall be one year. Officers may be elected for no more than three consecutive one-year terms for the particular office they hold except as provided that the membership may vote to extend the term for an additional year if no other member has shown an interest in or has been nominated for that position.



There shall be 13 Directors, which will be comprised of the Club Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and nine other Members. The Directors are referred to also in the Constitution and By-Laws as the Executive Committee. They are one and the same.

Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting on voice vote unless by majority vote the membership calls for a secret ballot. The term of Director shall be one year. They are eligible for re-election with no term limit.



The Club meetings shall be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. There will be no meeting during the month of November. Meetings can be called at the discretion of the President either by his own motion or on a request from an officer or director. The annual meeting and Christmas party date shall be determined by the vote of the membership and put on the calendar.



The territory served by the Club will be: The White River Valley Area comprising Royalton, Bethel, Stockbridge, Randolph, Brookfield, Braintree, Roxbury, Granville, Tunbridge, and any other area as may be approved by the Club.



All dues shall be due and payable on or before the first Club meeting each year and upon payment will be issued a membership card showing they are a member in good standing. That card carries with it all the benefits and privileges of the Club for the year stated thereon. Every member in good standing shall be eligible to obtain access to the clubhouse and to the gate at Rolling Rock and other Club property without being subject to a waiting period.



A quorum shall consist of nine members in good standing, two of whom must be Club officers.



Amendments to the Constitution can be made at any regularly scheduled meeting where the quorum has been met provided the amendment was presented in writing, posted at the Club and offered for discussion at the previous two Club meetings. A two- thirds vote of those present is required for adoption.



Amended as of      (date         



Article I: 


A calendar will be kept current online on the Club’s website. Specially called business meetings will be noticed on the website and posted at the Club and a notice will be sent to members by email. If a member makes a request in writing that they prefer this notice by US mail they will be mailed a copy of the notice.



Article I

The Executive Committee shall have the power to transact the general business of the Club subject to the approval of the membership.

Article II

  1. The duties of the President are:

    1. Preside at all meetings of the Club.

    2. Act as Chairman of the Executive Committee, appoint committees and committee leaders as deemed necessary to carry out the objectives of the Club.

    3. Be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Club.

    4. Fill all vacancies occurring among the officers until the following annual meeting, with the approval of the Executive Committee.

    5. Perform any other duties that the President deems necessary for the betterment of the Club.

  2. The duties of the Vice-President are:

    1. To take the place of the President if absent.

    2. To assist the President in any way possible.

    3. To perform any duties called upon for the betterment of the Club.

  3. The duties of the Secretary are:

    1. Attend and keep minutes of all meetings.

    2. To keep a record of and provide printed minutes from all meetings.

    3. To keep a record of all members’ names, addresses, and all necessary data concerning Club membership.

    4. To notify every member of the meetings as may be required from time to time.

    5. To conduct the general correspondence of the Club.

  4. The duties of the Treasurer are:

    1. To keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements, and present a written report at the regular and annual meetings of the Club.

    2. To pay the bills of the Club as approved. Any bills amounting to over $500.00 shall have the approval of the Executive Committee.

    3. To make an annual report, which shall be submitted in sufficient time for an audit to be done and completed at least one week before the annual meeting.

    4. All Club funds shall pass through the treasurer’s hands.

    5. To be ready at all times to present the financial status of the Club.

  5. The duties of the Auditors are:

    1. When appointed by the President at the October meeting of each year, audit the books of the club at least one week prior to the annual meeting.

    2. To report their findings at the annual meeting.





Amendments to the By-Laws can be made at any regularly scheduled meeting where the quorum has been met, provided the amendment was presented in writing, posted at the Club, and offered for discussion at the previous two Club meetings. A majority vote of those present is required for adoption.

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